7 Factors To Consider When Bathroom Remodeling

Of potential home improvements, a remodel of a bathroom can prove one of the most serious undertakings. The complexities involved can be very tricky, and the budget for such a project can easily run into the five figures. However, the payoff can be huge in the end. Keep reading to learn 7 factors to consider when planning bathroom remodeling.

1) How long do you plan on living in the home? No one likes to face the prospect of getting older, and no one can ever really know how it is going to go for them, but if this home is your possible residence in retirement, you might want things like handlebars in the shower, nonslip features, and other safety facets that you do not currently need at your age. Either install them now or leave yourself room for future upgrades as need be.

2) Do you intend to sell the house anytime soon? If so, then resale value and benefits to future buyers should be taken into account. Consider now just what remodeling features are good for you and your current family, but what will also help you sell the home for as much as you can.

3) Do you need a full bath or a half bath? Bathrooms can be remodeled to either have a toilet and a sink, or those along with a bath or shower. A master bathroom might even have a dual vanity and a bath and a shower. The decision on how to scale the room often comes down to the size of the room, the location in the residence, and what amenities existing bathrooms offer throughout the house.

4) Should you put in a washer and dryer? Most homeowners might not think of their bathroom as a place for a set of laundry machines, and yet more homeowners are doing this. The advantages vary depending on the home. For some, it is the simple addition of laundry to their home when no machines were previously present. For others, it is a chance to free up the current laundry room for other functions. In yet more luxurious cases, parents might get their own laundry capability away from kids or other house occupants. A set of bathroom laundry machines is also a good addition to a mother-in-law suite or a rental apartment.

5) Will children be using the remodeled bathroom? If young kids might be frequently using a renovated bathroom, then that can influence your choices in terms of what you install. Sharp corners, hard edges, and premium materials might not just be overkill, but even dangerous. You might also need extra space for things like training toilets. Any features that make the room easier to clean up also help.

6) Do you have pets? If so, you might want to leave room for cleaning them, as well as litter boxes for cats and possibly crates for dogs.

7) Does the room to be renovated have plumbing currently? If you intend to convert a ‘dry’ room into a bathroom, you may need plumbing connections added, such as hot water, cold water, and a waste drain. Plumbing additions inside the walls can run up the costs of a project.

Now that you know 7 considerations of planning bathroom remodeling, you can make educated decisions about your design process. Problems are best solved before the demo begins.

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Remodeling Contractor Katy

Good Tips When Hiring A Remodeling Contractor Katy Texas Business

Every so often we get the urge to do something different with our homes, and most remodeling companies in Katy Texas that are well known have done amazing work to make that a reality. Remodeling can be as simple as painting one room, while another job can be much more expansive where you remake the entire house.

Most people get remodeling work done because it improves the appearance of an out-dated home, and also to help increase its value. In some cases you need remodeling done in order to correct an issue from the original design of the house. In that case you might be looking at special contractors who handle major construction jobs.

The remodeling contractor Katy services that you need will depend on who you end up hiring. Everybody has a certain specialty, while some have more skills than others, but in the end you want someone who is licensed, professional and top-notch at what they do. You can easily find what you’re looking for if you take the time to research the local remodeling contractors.

Most people know someone who has remodeling work done on their home, so ask that person you trust for advice on who to hire. This is one way to find a contractor, while another is to look online. You may be surprised to learn that a lot of today’s business is found by first looking online.

There are many benefits to searching for a remodeling contractor Katy service online since you now have access to others who have used their services. Plenty of homeowners in Katy Texas have had home repairs and remodeling work and talk about their experiences online. They share this information in order to help other consumers make smart decisions.

It definitely pays to research the individual contractors especially if you are getting a lot of work done on your home. Even a simple paint job requires a experienced painter, otherwise, you may end up with something that looks cheap. Experienced contractors and those that are well received get high marks not only for the quality of work they perform, but the products they use to get the job done.

Using the best tools, equipment and of course skilled labor will have your remodeling job looking perfect. It is however, very important that you sit down beforehand and go over all the little details with the contractor in charge of the remodeling project. Sometimes what the homeowner wants is not relayed properly to the contracts, and that’s where problems can occur.

As a homeowner, make sure you are having regular talks on what the outcome of the remodeling project should look like. Taking an active role as everything is underway can help you spot things that you might want to change. Or perhaps you just want ask questions about why they are doing a certain thing. A good contractor will go over everything in detail to assure you that everything is coming out exactly as you planned.